Watch Kurulus Osman Episodes Online

Watch Kurulus Osman Episodes Online

Watch Kurulus Osman episodes online and addicted to action. In this adventure of this action, you will face many enemies and traitors along the way. However, with family support, friends, and the Loyal Alps, he overcomes every obstacle and achieves his goal. If you enjoy role games, this action adventure is for you. Read on to learn more about the search for Kurulus Osman.

Episode 80

Episode 80 of Kurulus Osman came out now! If you are vigorously waiting to watch the season final, this is an episode for you. The event was arranged in 2022, and fans were abandoned because they were waiting for the next episode of season 3. Plots of gripping and interesting characters make it an exciting watch. You can watch Episode 80 online for free, and peek at what will happen next this season!

Kurulus Osman

In episode 80, Osman invited children who were saved from the monastery back to his tent. Osman serves dishes that they prepared, and they share food. Ahmed then tells them what happens at the monastery. Meanwhile, Cherkutai met Aigul and tried to convince him to join him. He said he didn’t want to feel sad, and he promised to wait for him.

Osman kills Balgay

Turkish television series Kurulus Osman, based on the novel of the same name, is about the life of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Burak Ozcivit plays Osman, while Tamer Yigit plays Ertugrul. Even though their age and race are very different, the two protagonists can still share joint bonds.

When the battle went berserk, Osman Bey’s army came out of hiding. The people were surrounded by soldiers who attacked from the plains. Supporters of Dundar Bey have been arrested. Meanwhile, Ahis and Gunduz Bey approached the mansion disguised as the Balgay family army. Balgay was able to shoot Dundar Bey and his army but was killed when Osman gave a signal.

Osman Poisons his Son

In this Turkish novel, Kurulus Osman killed his son Alaeddin Ali by poisoning him. He was an alcoholic and he lived in Istanbul. His wife, Rabia, was also a victim of the plot. Ertugrul Ghazi’s sister, a famous fortune-teller, betrayed his family and left after Osman. But he also betrayed his own family to take Kayi Beylik. Ertugrul was based in Dundar Bey, Sultan Turkey.

When Osman inherited the kingdom, he decided to marry his second wife, Kayi. This is his father’s deceased will. He also started the big war against the Byzantine. His jealous uncle, Dundar, was also executed by Osman for betraying him. He finally died. Kurtulus Osman’s murder of his son caused a series of complications for a new king.

Osman Surprised Byzantium

In “Kurulus Osman Take Byzantine surprisingly,” We saw a young man named Gables growing up in Anatolia. The son of a Greek slave, Theodoros, was arrested and tortured during the conquest of the Bayburd Castle. He then conquered Trabzon and became a martyr. A Byzantine emperor descended to Anatolia, fortifying Eskisehir and completing his people in a rebuilt city.

In his dream, Osman was fascinated by the full moon, he saw from a friend’s chest. The full moon has fallen into Osman’s chest and joined his own, symbolizing Malkhatun’s marriage. Osman’s army was surrounded by Turkmenistan tribes, and he invited them all to attack his city. However, this made the emperor, Omer Bey, who called Osman to Sogut and forced him to hand over the under ring.

Osman kills his Son

Kurulus Osman TV series followed the life of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I. The main character in this film was Burak Ozcivit as Osman, Tamer Yigit as Ertugrul, and Aya Nikola as his daughter. Osman killed his son to get help from his father and reclaim the throne for his family.

After the death of his father, Osman took control of his kingdom and began to conquer the city – the city nearby. He stopped paying tribute to Emperor Mongols and surrounded the exchange. His son Orhan was born from Malhun Hatun, who then married Osman in a political union. The actor who plays GOKTUG ALP wants to get out of the TV series so he can work on other projects.