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5 points to choose your credit broker correctly

Choosing from the huge list of different financial products to capitalize on your business can be a titanic task. Different institutions offer different credit opportunities and each of them has its pros and cons; What you can be sure of is that not all of them are ideal for you, although their promoters probably present each one of them as the best alternative available.

If you do not have the time, energy and patience needed to make a pilgrimage from bank to bank looking for the best interest scheme and the most flexible payment plan, or to do all the necessary paperwork, you will be happy to know that you have a ally that is dedicated precisely to that: the business credit broker.

This type of broker is a professional who knows in depth the financial products designed so that you have liquidity to start, expand your business or take advantage of any market opportunity. In their role as intermediaries, they are deeply committed to your company to recommend the credit that best suits your needs and payment possibilities, and they also manage a large part of the procedures to expedite the entire process.

Unfortunately, there are many people who call themselves “credit broker” who are really no more than promoters of a single financial institution, or who do not have enough commercial allies to give you a good range of options. In the worst case, you can simply run into a scammer who asks you for an amount related to opening expenses or any other commission, and then disappears as if by magic.

So it is important that before choosing a credit broker, make sure that it meets the following characteristics:


Business Credit Specialist

Business Credit Specialist

There are countless financial products in the market; Trying to manage them all at once is simply impossible, and someone who tells you that you can handle any type of credit is not a serious alternative. Make sure your broker specializes or works for a company specialized in business loans.


Wide portfolio of business allies

business loan

Be wary of a broker that offers you several alternatives, but all from the same bank or from the same financial institution. A business credit broker must have enough business partners to look for the best loan alternative for your project. In the end, the difference between a broker and an account executive is that the former commits to you, and the latter to the bank he works for.



credit score

The support of your broker can come from your previous satisfied customers, but try to work with one that in turn is part of a consulting or business credit agency with several years of experience. Also pay attention to the personal career of your advisor. Have you worked in other similar companies? How many years of experience do you have specializing in business credit?


Make it free

Make it free

Obviously, the credit broker works under a commission scheme for each successful credit it manages, however, ideally this amount must be paid by the financial institution for bringing a new client and not you, even if the broker took care of the largest part of the paperwork. To ensure that they are not making hidden charges that cushion your broker’s commission on the loan, check how much you would spend on that same credit if you managed it on your own. The idea is that resorting to a business credit manager will reduce costs, not increase them.


Consider an online credit broker

With the rise of the different types of Fintech, the figure of the credit broker also began to migrate to online platforms. As a result, we now have even faster and more efficient alternatives to compare different types of financial products in minutes.

The advantages of an online credit broker are many; the attention is still personalized, and the processes are much more transparent and agile, in addition to that you can perform them from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone.


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